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Rubber Coated Metal Material

Product Dimension:
Available metal substrates thickness are between 0.2mm-0.8mm.Max width is 800mm. Rubber coating thickness is between 0.02-0.1 2mm single and double -side rubber coated metal roll material can meet the requirement of different customers.
  • Rubber Coated Metal  – SNM3825

    Rubber Coated Metal – SNM3825

    with other thickness

    The composite material is for sealing industry.

    Choose excellent raw material from home and abroad.

    Cold-rolled steel coil with different thickness of NBR rubber coating on both sides by advanced technology according to customers’ requirement.

    Have both metal rigidity and rubber elasticity for its special construction.

    High adhesive force of the rubber coating and suitable for high temperature environment and fluids including engine oil, anti-freezer and coolant, etc.

  • Rubber Coated Metal – SNX5240

    Rubber Coated Metal – SNX5240

    with other thickness

    One of our best-selling products.
    SNX5240 rubber coated metal composite material is based on cold-rolled steel plate with NBR rubber coating on both sides.
    Withstand high temperature for long term and have excellent noise reduction performance in the braking system.
    Fine shock damping and noise absorption effect.
    Especially suitable for the pads fixed by clip.
    High cost performance and can replace the import material.

  • Rubber Coated Metal – UFM2520

    Rubber Coated Metal – UFM2520

    with other thickness

    Fluorine rubber has better resistance of high temperature. It can reach 240℃.

    The working temperature has a wider range. The surface is matt.

    Suitable for high temperature environment and fluids including engine oil, anti-freezer and coolant, etc.

    Good machinability and can be processed automatically in continuous way which keep the same lot gaskets in good consistence in quality.

    Still a cost-effective choice.

  • Rubber Coated Metal – SNX6440-J2

    Rubber Coated Metal – SNX6440-J2

    with other thickness

    Combined with a variety of PSA, it can meet different requirements of high or low temperature.
    Different glues have different characters to meet colorful customers.
    Aftermarket brake noise insulator materials.
    Anti-rust surface treatment of steel ensures good corrosion resistance property.
    Mainly used as the noise damping and shock absorption shim for brake system.
    Ideal alternative to the original.
    Uniform thickness of steel plate and rubber coating and the surface is flat and smooth.

  • Rubber Coated Metal UNX5045-1

    Rubber Coated Metal UNX5045-1

    with other thickness

    Single side rubber coated series based on stainless steel SUS301.

    The rubber coating has different thickness.

    Used as abutment clips.

    Suppress the sliding noise, improve the overall noise reduction performance of the braking system.

  • Rubber Coated Metal – UNM2520

    Rubber Coated Metal – UNM2520

    with other thickness

    Excellent high and low temperature resistance.

    Good anti-ageing property.

    Good sealability and suitable for gas and fluid.

    Excellent mechanical performance-the tensile strength reaches 100MPa with excellent compression, recovery and stress relaxation.

    Especially for the engine gaskets.

  • Rubber Coated Metal UNX4035-F

    Rubber Coated Metal UNX4035-F

    with other thickness

    Textured NBR provide unique product appearance.

    PTFE coating has the characters of low friction resistance to wear, non-stick, adhesion and color recognition.

    Choose one or two sides of PTFE.

    Used as abutment clips.

    Create the possibility of providing a comfortable and quiet drive for you.