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FBYS408 Non asbestos sealing sheet

Short Description:

By the temperature-resistant adhesive, asbestos-free heat-resistant fiber and inormeric high-temperature filler special cooperation, add the corresponding chemical additives, the use of copying legal system.

Product Detail

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Excellent resistance to high temperatures and insulation

Good processing

Asbestos-free confirmation and ROHS certification by a third party

Product use

It is recommended to use the insulation cover, silencer, exhaust pipe and other conditions for insulation padding materials


Coils: width ≤between 1500mm and thickness 0.5 to 1.5mm

Sheets: length ≤1500mm,width ≤1500mm, thickness between 0.5 and 1.5mm     Special specifications can be agreed with the customer

Physical performance

The item

Refers to the target

Flame retardant

The flame outside the alcohol lamp burns and fires out.

Lateral stretch strength MPa

≥1.5 。

Dense g/cm3

1.00±0.1 。

The burn-out is 850degrees C×1h %

≤25 。

Compression rate%


20±7 。

Bounce rate%

≥25 。

Creep relaxation rate is 100 degreesC×22h %.

≤0.8 。




≤40 。

≤45 。

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