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Our products are used for engine cylinder gasket and accessory gasket, with high adhesive rubber coating. Suitable for high temperature and oil, moderately resistant to antifreeze, coolant and other liquid environments.

Main type: UFM2520、UFM3020、UFM3025/ UNM2520、UNM3020、UNM3025/ SNM3020、SNM 3825

Our anti-noise products have isolation and damping functions, which can withstand high temperature for long term and have excellent noise reduction performance in the braking system. Combined with a variety of PSA, it can meet different requirements of high or low temperature.

Main type: SNX5240, SNX5240J2, SNX5240J3, SNX5240J4, SNX6440, SNX6440W, SNX6440J2, SNX6440J3, SNX6440J4, SNX6040, SNX4640, SNX4640-J

Abutment clips with adhesion are critical to a smooth operation of the brake system. Our products can effectively suppress the sliding noise; improve the overall noise reduction performance of the braking system. It can create the possibility of providing a comfortable and quiet drive for you.

Main type: UNX3025-1, UNX4035-1, UNX5045-1, UNX6055-1, UNX3025-F, UNX4035-F, UNX5045-F, UNX6055-F, UNX5040-FF