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What to pay attention to when installing the cylinder head gasket

1. Incompressibility

Synthetic rubber can change its shape just like a fluid. Of course, it cannot flow. When the squeezing force that presses its deformation disappears, it can return to its original shape (that is, the volume of the gasket does not change during the compression process. Change, expressed by the magnitude of pressure change).

2. intensity

should have sufficient strength to withstand the squeezing force that makes it enter the sealed state and withstand the high-pressure fluid medium (that is, the physical properties of the rubber gasket such as tensile strength and tensile strength).

3. plasticity

By adjusting the formula, it can not only achieve enough strength for use, but also have enough plasticity, so that it can be closely attached to the metal surface under appropriate pressure, thereby producing a sealing function (gasket shape and sealing plate The shape of the grooves is consistent).

4. penetration resistance

The three-dimensional polymer network structure of synthetic rubber can resist the penetration of liquids with different chemical properties (media resistance).

5. temperature resistance

The rubber in the polymer material has a disadvantage, that is, it will cause all synthetic rubber materials to be only suitable for a relatively narrow temperature range in terms of temperature resistance. Therefore, it is very important to carefully choose the material formula according to the temperature required for use. .

6. Service life

Many new synthetic materials have the characteristics of long service life compared with the old type materials. This is due to the use of new additives to further extend the service life. In this regard, the correct choice of synthetic material formulation is very important. All rubber-based synthetic materials will experience stress relaxation. During use, due to chemical changes inside the synthetic material, the initial sealing function will gradually decrease, and when the sealing performance is low At a minimum, leakage is inevitable.

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Post time: Jan-14-2021