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1. Is it definitely right to choose expensive non-asbestos board?

 First of all, expensive gaskets are not necessarily suitable, especially the non-asbestos board. Different fiber is mixed with different rubber, and the application situation is very different. For example, the gasket made of aramid fiber and nitrile rubber is more general, and it is more expensive than the plant fiber gasket made of plant fiber and animal glue. But under certain conditions, such as, with decelerator, gear and lubricating grease when the temperature and pressure are not very high, the use of vegetable fiber gaskets is economical and affordable. So there is no need to use aramid fiber nitrile rubber non-asbestos board.

Secondly, non-asbestos board is a general terms. Cork rubber gaskets and expanded PTFE gaskets can be also called the non-asbestos board, but the prices of them are in great difference. Therefore, gasket manufacturers will make suitable cost-effective solutions according to customers’ different applications and working conditions.

2. As long as oil-resistant non-asbestos board is good, there are no other requirements?

Much equipment needs gaskets of non-asbestos board. Most customers say that they need oil-resistant gaskets without other requirements. Actually, there are lots of kinds of oil, such as: butter, lubricating oil, engine oil, gasoline, diesel, transformer oil, tar, mineral oil, hydraulic oil, wood oil, etc. Different oils require different gaskets to seal. So it cannot be generalized. It is necessary to distinguish the specific oil in order to provide a targeted sealing solution.

Post time: May-11-2021