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Performance after cylinder head gasket failure

If the car breaks down while driving, there are many reasons for the failure, and every part may fail. What will happen to the cylinder head gasket failure? The detailed situation will be given to you by our manufacturer. Let me introduce it.

Because the cylinder gasket has the function of sealing when it is in use, if the part fails, then it will definitely have some abnormal use. If its sealing effect is not guaranteed, the blocked oil and water will leak, which will inevitably affect the operation of other parts.

Abnormal noises generally occur; bubbling in the water tank and auxiliary water tank of the car; weak driving of the car; white smoke in the exhaust pipe of the car, which may also be caused by Caused by a cylinder gasket failure. These phenomena are quite normal, but they will endanger the safety of the car, so it must be repaired and replaced in time.

Post time: Jan-14-2021