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It’s a huge breakthrough for the non-asbestos fiber kind product to pass the fire test of API Standard 6FB, Fourth Edition, 2019 on date of March 5, 2021. The test was performed by Yarmouth Research and Technology, LLC, which is the authoritative and professional fire testing lab in the world.

The fire test report makes it clear that our non-asbestos product QF3712 completely ensures the leakage below the allowable under the condition of burning and cooling down. It will extend the range of using especially on the ship sealing.

As the fire test passed, it can be widely used in shipbuilding, marine valves and marine engine industry with sealing gasket material, also applicable to various oils, gas, water and other media.

With good temperature, pressure resistance and high intensity, with excellent compression resilience and creep resistance, the fire test is a further proof of QF3712’s great character for making metal mesh, metal plates enhanced asbestos-free sealing plates.

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Post time: Mar-31-2021