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The car anti-noise shim is one of the accessories used to reduce or eliminate the noise when breaking. Anti-noise shim is a component of the break system. The anti-noise shim system is mainly made of brake lining (friction block material), back plate (metal part) and the shim. It is combined with back plate by snap or adhesive layer.

The shim is composed of viscoelastic damping material (rubber material as usual) and stainless steel. And according to the number of composite layers and combination form, our anti-noise shim is free damping treatment structure (single-sided or double-sided coating structure). It belongs to consumable good, so there is a bright market prospect.

Our anti-noise products for making anti-noise shims have isolation and damping functions, which can withstand high temperature for long term and have excellent noise reduction performance in the braking system. Combined with a variety of PSA, it can meet different requirements of high or low temperature. The performances of analysis are damping and NVH testing.

Our specific products for anti-noise shims are SNX5240, SNX6440, and their base structure with different adhesions, and also can be made to woven kind. No matter what you need, we will be meeting your requirements.

Post time: Apr-27-2021